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acrylic painter's kit and gel printer's kit

Acrylic Painter's Kit has all you need for working with heavy body acrylic paint. 

Note that when working with acrylic, maintain a separate set of brushes from watercolor, oil or other painting mediums. 

I recommend a disposable paper palette for ease of clean-up and portability.

Golden Paint Sets: 

Golden Artist Color Heavy Body Acrylic Intro Set (3/4 oz tubes)

Golden Artist Color Heavy Body Acrylic Mixing Set of 12 (3/4 oz tubes)

Traditional Heavy Body Acrylic Set of 8 (3/4 oz tubes)

Golden Artist Color Heavy Body Modern Theory Set (2 oz tubes)

Silver Brush Limited Black Pearl Brush Set


Fredrix 100% Cotton Duck Canvas Pads

Canvas Panels

Fluid Brand 9 x 12" 140# Coldpress Watercolor Paper Block

Mini Travel Color Wheel

9.25" Color Wheel


The Gel Printer's Kit: I love gel printing, an easy-to-learn form of mono printing or monotype printing. I offer quite a few gel printing workshops and this kit has all the essentials.  

GelliArts Gel Plate 6 x 6"

GelliArts Gel Plate 8 x 10"

GelliArts Gel Plate 5 x 7" 

GelliArts Gel Plate 11 x 14"

GelliArts Gel Plate 

12 x 12" 

Golden Open Slo-Dry Acrylic Set of 12 (3/4 oz tubes)


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