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 kirah van sickle : statement 

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Caesura //


The silence between words defines them, gives them meaning. This is Caesura...a notable pause. It is a threshold or vast sea over which one crosses, both literally and metaphorically on the journey to self.


I am drawn to the physical and emotional rhythms inherent to this process, the being in between, amidst the liminal space. Visually exploring this theme creates a record of my travels, memories and dreams. 


My process includes painting en plein air, exploring the immediacy, unpredictable aspects of color, time and place, as well as commitment to my studio practice. I paint vast color fields of a muted, complementary palette, along with patterns of lights and darks to evoke a dramatic sense of space. Incorporating ephemera between layers of acrylic glazes onto canvas provides a mixed media process that hints at experiences, producing nuances of texture and color.  Juxtaposed within are images of the symbolic voyage, the metaphors of travel and transformation. 


By marrying both my foundational, representational style with a contemporary mixed media process, my paintings speak to the duality and journey as artist. Often working in series, I tap into themes of connection, the poetics of space, liminality and what lies in between the crevices of our geology, geography and memory. Exploring my own contemporary narrative, these works reflect the hopes and desires common to this theme - bridging the unknown, ultimately finding meaning and connection to ourselves and each other. 


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