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 kirah van sickle : the events 

Check out the latest in Kirah Fine Art news and upcoming events: 


Franklin Square Gallery Lecture Series

3 pm. $15 each (seats limited)

140 E. West Street

Southport, NC 


March 15: Journey to the Caves: the Prehistoric Art of the Dordogne
40,000 years ago our prehistoric nomadic ancestors developed a highly sophisticated art-making system that inspires and mystifies to this day. With personal insights, let's journey to the cultural heart of prehistory in the Dordogne region of France, visiting a selection of the most noted sites, including Lascaux, Pech Merle, Font de Gaume and Chauvet. Our survey includes both parietal and portable art, tracing the connective thread that makes us humans.


March 29: Picasso & Matisse: How a “Bromance” Revolutionized Art
Contemporary art may have never had such profound influence it has today if it wasn’t for the friendship and rivalry between these two modern masters. We will explore the motivation, influences and creative relationship that drove these two greats to produce a lifetime of works unmatched to this day.

April 18: Caves to Canvas - Women in Art
Starting with prehistoric carvings and paintings, this survey of women artists explores the influences, historical context and major players that impacted the art world, including those making a mark in contemporary practice.

May 3: Diebenkorn, Hopper and Matisse: A Lineage of Color and Light 
While Richard Diebenkorn may not be as familiar a name to many, he is one of America's premier abstract expressionist and seminal artist of the Bay Area Figurative movement. We can trace the colorful and distinct connective thread from Matisse and Edward Hopper to Diebenkorn. It’s an example of the tremendous impact and influence Matisse had on American Modernism, and that of Diebenkorn’s for centuries to come.

May 17: Frida & Diego: Mexico, Marriage and Marks
What lies at the heart of Frida Kahlo's aesthetic and history? We can look to her series of self-portraiture for insights to her stunning and painful story. But there's more beneath the surface...along with Diego Rivera, she has etched into our collective souls. We will explore their relationship, iconography and impact on 20th century art, in the context of the Gelman collection. With a window inside their life, loves, and labors, let's get to know these modern icons and their imprint on history.

June 7: 9th Street Women and the New York School


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On View:

Teaching/Creating: Exhibition of Teaching Artists

Through April 2, 2023

Cameron Art Museum

200 Hanover Street

Wilmington, NC 28401

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