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the journaling kit 

The Journaling Kit includes an array of materials I use for sketchbook journaling, collaging, artist trading cards, zines and general mixed media art journaling techniques:

Sketchbooks & Journals: Art journaling begins with a good sketchbook or journal that can handle layers of marks, water media, glue and ephemera.

Stillman & Birn


The Handbook Journal Co

Washi tape: Washi tape is low-tack Japanese artist "masking" tapes that add a punch of color, design, and pattern to your art journaling product. I love them for adding borders and creating fun, visual unity in my journal pages and cards. 

Stencils: I LOVE working with stencils for all of my fine art, gel printing, mixed media and art journaling processes. They have a long life-span, and add plenty of design richness to your artwork. Stencil Girl Products are my go-to for all things stencils and creator, Mary Beth Shaw, and her stencil aficionados offer plenty of support, creative content to get the most out of stencil journal techniques. 


Distress Inks & Art Sprays: I love how distress inks and sprays can add texture, a bit of "grunge" and age to paper edges, a hint of color or shimmer; and they work great with stencils to add layers of design and patterns. Who doesn't love a little splatter to the page!?

Collage Fodder: Collage fodder, or ephemera, can mean a lot of things. I find collage fodder in the everyday, such as travel receipts, ticket stubs, old letters, pages from books, maps, vintage photos, postage stamps, stickers, you name it. If you can glue it, use it. 

​*for my favorite sticker books, check out my artist library book list here!

ArtGraf watersoluble graphite/chlalk "sticks" set of 6 earth tones



Collage Papers

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