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 kirah van sickle : 

beyond ordinary mastermind series 


BEYOND ORDINARY MASTERMIND SERIES is a powerful group of seven inspiring women sharing their passions and pathways to a more radiant mind, body and spirit. 

Kirah embraces the power of expressive mark-making by tapping into what she believes is an innate,creative spark within us all. Through art journaling, Kirah helps set a foundation for reconnecting to the artist within, that radiant, creative and playful self. 


A simple daily proctice of 10 - 15 minutes a day of visual creativity, often referred to as art journaling, provides a sense of play, joy, meditation, emotional processing, gratitude and connection to Self.

Embracing an art journaling practice is shown to enhance problem-solving, relieve stress and free you to express thoughts, ideas and emotions. In her


episode Kirah will reintroduce you to the power of your creative spirit. 

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introductory series offers a 30-minute segment from Kirah and the six other masterminds, with hands-on techniques that bring vitality, inspiration, and real whole- health pathways to mind, body and spirit.   

Check out the introductory videos to meet these soul warriors... and join us! 

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