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sketching & watercolor kits

The Sketching Kit: I always have multiple sketchbooks going and encourage all my student-artists to build a sketchbook practice, especially if traveling. The sketchbook is your personal diary, a visual and written journal of inspiration, experiences, notes, checklists, ideas, colors and doodles. A sketch practice helps build visual acuity, study anatomy, space, with a better understanding of light and shadow, and color.  

The following kit has my favorite essentials for sketching anytime and portability to boot!

My favorite sketchbooks:

Handbook Journal Co. 94# pages for sketch/quick watercolor applications/collaging. Pocket in the back for ephemera, receipts, etc. Handbook Journal Co. Sketchbook

The Stillman & Birn Gamma Series can handle drawing and watercolor media well. They come in a variety of sizes and configuration.



Pencils: Faber-Castell Albrchet Duel Set of 10 Aquarelle Markers:


Faber-Castell Goldfaber Aquarelle markers set of 12


Faber-Castell Aquarelle Colored Pencils Set of 32:





Watercolor Wrangling Kit: Find a variety of paper sizes to choose from along with my favorite brushes and paints. Be sure to include a watercolor sketchbook for informal watercolor sketching studies. See above for my recommended sketchbooks. 

Watercolor Paint: my favorite watercolors are made by Golden, called QoR. They are professional grade, offer beautiful, rich color. The following includes the travel tin of 12 or started sets of 12 or 24 paint tubes. 

QoR watercolor mini travel half pan tin of 12 colors

QoR watercolor intro set of 12 individual tubes

QoR watercolor set of 24 individual paint tubes 

Paper: there are a lot of good watercolor paper brands. I include a variety I use in different sizes here, in pads and blocks. I always recommend at least 140# weight, cold press. 


Fluid Brand 9 x 12" 140# watercolor paper block

Fluid Brand 6 x 6" 140# coldpress watercolor paper block

CansonXL 9 x 12" coldpress Watercolor Paper Pad

Fabriano 8 x 10" 140# coldpress Watercolor Paper Pad (12 sheets)

Fabriano Studio 9 x 12" 140# coldpress Watercolor Paper Pad


Silver Brush Ltd: Golden Natural Square 1" Wash Brush

Silver Brush Ltd Black Velvet set of 3 round watercolor brushes (size 4, 8 and 12)

Silver Brush Black Velvet Voyager travel brush in a#2, #4, #6 or #8 round

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